Things to Ask Before Moving to a Retirement Home

Potential residents of retirement homes Ottawa should take some precautions to avoid surprises. It’s crucial to take the time to go through the multipage contract provided. If you cannot understand some things, it is always okay to involve your lawyer before signing it. You need to understand how critical it is to choose a retirement home. It is just as important as renting or buying an apartment for yourself.
Consider these issues before making the important decision for yourself or your loved one:


If you know that you are looking for an assisted living facility, it’s important to involve other trusted family members and friends. They can help a lot with the search or even make some recommendations. Also, on the day that you visit the facility for the first time, make sure that you ask all the questions to clear any doubts you might be having. Be sure to check for courteous staff, a clean environment, nutritious food, activities, and amenities, among other things.

If you happen to be checking on new nursing homes, consider talking with some existing or previous customers to confirm if the facility is part of an accredited association.


You need to know how much this service will cost, the penalties that apply in case you end the contract early and how they terminate a tenancy. Different residences have different regulations. So, ensure that you get all the needed information before making a choice.

Level of care

A conclusive research has to be carried out on the retirement facility of your choice. It’s not a must for a facility to provide long term care to a retiree. Also, get to know the level of service provided because this differs from one retirement home to the other. If a resident’s needs outgrow a certain home, they may be asked to move out even if they already signed a contract and the period agreed upon hasn’t lapsed.

Buy or rent

People don’t usually purchase property in retirement homes. Many agree that it is always better to rent. But, if you choose to buy, the contract should be negotiated carefully. One point that must be noted is that a retiree shouldn’t pay service fees in case they’ll be transferred to a facility offering higher care or when they die. Because this is a contract arrangement, it is wise to do the necessary homework early enough before signing the papers. For more information and resources be sure to visit the Sienna Living website.

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