The Importance of Regular Dentist Visits

Many people, especially children, dislike going to the dentist and would prefer to simply take care of their teeth at home. Although caring for your teeth at home is an important part of keeping them healthy, it offers limited protection against many dental ailments and won’t help you at all when something goes wrong. Here are some of the benefits of visiting a dental professional regularly.

Beautiful Smiles

Society places great value on a set of sparkling white teeth and considers it to be a sign of health and beauty. Realistically, however, few people are born with teeth so perfect. This is one area in which regular visits to a dental professional can benefit you. They can perform cleanings to remove the built-up tartar that gives stains something to cling to. They can also perform whitenings using a variety of highly effective methods that will leave your teeth several shades whiter than they were before. While you can whiten your teeth with kits meant for home use, the products that your oral hygienist uses are typically stronger and more effective.

Just as rare as naturally radiant teeth are perfectly straight ones. Your dental professional can provide you with braces or veneers if you’re not happy with the spacing or alignment of your teeth.

Healthy Teeth

Despite brushing and flossing regularly, many people still develop cavities. Over time and without treatment, cavities can get worse and eventually cause the affected teeth to crumble away. In some cases, they may even cause hypersensitivity or extreme pain. Ignoring cavities won’t make them go away. It’s best to see your oral hygienist at least once per year to make sure you aren’t developing cavities or to fill in any that you may already have.

Preventative Maintenance

Just because everything seems okay with your teeth doesn’t mean that it is. Oral hygienists can tell early on if something is amiss, but only if you see them on a regular basis. Furthermore, they can suggest techniques, products or services that can help to stave off future problems.

Setting a Good Example

It’s hard to convince a child that a trip to the dentist is a good thing when you refuse to go yourself. Kids mimic what their parents do, so it’s important to start setting healthy examples early on. Besides brushing and flossing at home, your regular dental checkups will send the message to your child that taking responsibility for the health of their teeth is about more than just good brushing habits.

Peace of Mind

When you never visit a dentist, it’s easy to worry about the health of your teeth. Things like temperature sensitivity, a perfectly normal occurrence, can be mistaken for more serious problems such as cavities or decaying teeth. In addition, if something really is wrong, seeing a dental professional regularly means that the problem is more likely to be caught and remedied before it can turn into something far more painful and expensive. It’s always nice to know that your teeth are safe and sound because you get regular dental checkups.