Physiotherapy Services: Who Can Benefit From This Health Service

Physiotherapists work together with people of all ages towards breaking down the physical function barriers. It is a completely drug-free type of health care practice. The professionals involved in physiotherapy also have an important role in terms of disease prevention and health promotion.

This is the preferred mode of treatment for many who are suffering from physical pain in diverse body parts such as back, neck, shoulders, joints, knees, hips, wrists, ankles, or elbows.

Why Use Physiotherapy Services

Whether you are recovering from a work related injury, living with some type of chronic illness, or simply suffering following a weekend hockey game, everyone stands to benefit from physiotherapy. Benefits include improving joint mobility, decreasing pain, increasing coordination and strength as well improving your cardio-respiratory function. It also gives you more freedom to move and increases your independence whether at home or at your workplace.

Services Offered by physiotherapists

If you have been admitted for surgery at a hospital, such as a heart surgery or joint replacement, chances are high that part of your health care team will include a physiotherapist.

Some key approaches employed by a physiotherapist include:

  • Exercise advice: to improve your mobility and general health, your doctor may recommend exercises targeting specific body parts and the therapist will be your guide/help.
  • Manual therapy: physiotherapists employ their hands in helping to relieve stiffness and pain, and to encourage better body movement as well as blood circulation.
  • Education and advice: giving general advice on aspects that could impact your daily life, such as correct weight lifting and carrying techniques, and body posture to help in preventing injuries.

There are several other techniques that your therapist may use such as water-based exercises (aquatic therapy/hydrotherapy) or acupuncture.

Where Do Physiotherapists Work

According to National Household Survey data, in 2011, women held about 80% of physiotherapist’s jobs in Canada. It is also fairly frequent to get part-time work in this field. Physiotherapists in Canada work with patients of all genders and ages suffering from a wide range of medical and health conditions. Whether it’s the management of pain, rehabilitation from injury or chronic conditions management (heart disease or diabetes) physiotherapy helps.

Physiotherapy services can also be accessed at private clinics and even through home-based services. These professionals also work in a wide range of settings where they provide health interventions like research, management, education, and consultation services.


Physiotherapy has also been proven to be quite effective in the management and treatment of stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injury arthritis, stroke, traumatic brain injury as well as a host of respiratory conditions. This is by offering the afflicted with techniques and tools to help them acquire and maintain the best possible levels of function and live pain free. Besides being primarily offered in hospitals, these are also often associated with child development centers and retirement residences.