5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Going for Dental Implants

Do you have a gap in your teeth that needs filling or a damaged tooth that needs replacement? Perhaps you might consider dental implants because they are the most natural and durable tooth replacements out there. But before you make your choice of installing implants, here are some five factors worth keeping in mind.


1. Are your Gums and Jawbone Healthy?

Numerous experiments and practical experience from prosthodontists point out that dental implants can only work on a healthy jawbone. When you have diseased or inflamed gums, chances of aggravating these conditions during implant installation are high. Consequently, weak jaw bones will not hold the implant or abutment firmly enough. Further complications such as chronic pain and life-threatening infections could also occur.


2. Is your Dentist experienced enough for the Job?

Though dental implant installation is considered a simple procedure, implant failures occur from time to time. Before you choose a particular prosthodontist, it is essential to ensure that he/she is experienced enough. A success rate of above 80% should be your irreducible minimum. This way you can avoid tooth injuries or malpractices that will not only cost you financially but also degrade your dental health.


3. The Material to Be Used

The main materials used to make implants include titanium, ceramic (zirconia), and zygomatic. Typically, titanium implants are the most preferred having been subject to over 40 years of research. They have a 98% success rate and an unmatched durability. Titanium is termed as bio-compatible, meaning that its implants heal well without further complications. Zygomatic implants are also being embraced because they have a higher clinical success rate, especially in unhealthy jawbones.


4. How long will the Implants Last?

Before you settle on a particular type of implant, whether ceramic, titanium or zygomatic, it is crucial to consider their longevity. Dental implants are meant to be a life-long solution. Consequently, titanium implants are known to last the longest but only when cared for and treated right. Ceramic and zygomatic implants’ longevity is yet to be established since they are relatively new in the market.


5. How Accessible is Your Dentist Located?

With tooth implants, you can always expect minor complications that require immediate attention. Imagine choosing a prosthodontist who’s located several miles away or one who is too flooded with clients to find time for you. Whichever the case, your situation may worsen as you travel or hassle for appointments. Therefore, you need to ensure that your prospected dentist is available and located in your vicinity.

With these five factors, you can steer clear of any trouble arising from dental implants, visit Prosthodontic Associates for services that cover the above factors. Nonetheless, proper dental hygiene goes a long way in preserving your implants.